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About DeCode

DeCode – Get inspired to be different.

DeCode classes, is situated in the heart of the Pune city. DeCode is an outcome of joint and co-operative venture of Sazinga Digital Services Pvt Ltd and Space Design Agency, with a view to nurture the individuals who want to be successful in the design and development industry.

We’ve set out on a mission: vanquish traditional coaching and make embraced wisdom academy for student’s better future, so that students can learn what they have to learn with complete support and direction to shine in IT industry.

DeCode classes will help students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for lifelong and also encourage the students to harness their talents and passion through unique and comprehensive programs.

At DeCode you will not only get to learn the latest development trends and technologies in the market but also you will get an insight to the development world in the IT companies. Our focus is 80% practical and 20% theory.

Decode classes believes in Inspiring and friendly environment. We offer top-quality, innovative and integrated development and designing classes. Get proper guidance from professionals and grow while learning. Our team is dedicated to working and passionate about building great developers.

Aim to start DeCode Classes

India is booming in IT industry and hires more than a million employees. Still, the Indian IT sector, which has brought India on the global map, is still struggling with jobs and seeking out ways to go up the value chain.

The major reason behind this is the current market system, wherein the students do not get to learn the updated or required technologies as per the market situations, which leads to almost 70% of India’s IT engineers remain unemployed. We at DeCode want to change this cycle and our aim is to enrich students on how to tackle real life scenarios faced by developers in companies. DeCode offers comprehensive programs for candidates and students looking to have an edge in the current competitive market.


The current market still follows outdated learning process and evaluation culture. We at DeCode focus on the current market needs and strategies to benefit students.

Presently everyone concentrates more on theory and less on practical or work on same old projects. DeCode classes has designed the course in such a way that students learn through live projects by spending lot of time on practical; hence more hands on practice.

No one currently focus on communication skills. At DeCode communication skills development plays a very important role, as to make the student market ready.

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