Introducing AngularJS Course in a new way!

This program is focused on how AngularJS can be used to Develop Attractive Websites, Single Page Applications and to become a successful AngularJS Developer.

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Program Introduction

AngularJS course is to enable personnel to learn, code and develop single page applications. AngularJs course gives you hands on developing web applications using HTML and AngularJs.

The objective of the course is to provide the course audience with the tools and knowledge to use the .Net framework, JavaScript libraries to write the Client Side Code and develop single page applications. The majority of the time in the course will be spent learning the Expressions, Modules, Directives, Controllers, Services, Scopes, Events, Routing and Applications.

Learn to develop Single Page Applications, Develop dynamic and interactive web-pages.

Get Complete Direction, Full Support, Detailed Coaching, Skill Development and the Greatest things can Happen.

Program Highlights
  • Work on Live Projects
  • 80% Development & 20% Theory
  • Focus on Creating a Developer rather than a Student
  • Focus on Latest Technological Trends used in IT Firms
  • Learn from Experts
  • Career Guidance

What You will Learn

  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • AngularJS Expressions – Numbers, Strings, Objects, Arrays, Expressions using {{ }} and ng-bind
  • Modules – Creating a module, adding a controller & directive, myApp.js, myCtrl.js, Loading library
  • Directives – Data Binding, ng-init, ng-repeat, ng-app & ng-model directives, custom directives
  • Model – 2 way binding, Validating User Input, Status, ng-empty, ng-touched, ng-valid, ng-pending
  • Data Binding – Synchronization between model and view
  • AngularJS Controllers – ng-controller, Controller Methods, External Files
  • Scope - $scope, understanding the scope, $rootScope
  • Filters – Adding filters to directives, Currency filter, Array filter, Custom filters
  • Services – Built-in & Own service, $http, $timeout, $interval, Custom service
  • AngularJs $http – Methods, get(), post(), Properties, .config, .data, JSON format
  • Tables – Working with Tables, $index, $even & $odd
  • Select – Creating dropdown lists, ng-options and ng-repeat, Objects
  • AngularJS SQL – Fetching Data, Cross site HTTP Requests, Server Code
  • DOM – ng-disabled directive, ng-show directive, nd-hide directive
  • Events – Working with events, Mouse events, ng-click, Toggle, $event object
  • Forms – Working with Forms, Checkbox, Radiobuttons, Select, formCtrl, reset()
  • Form Validation – Client side form validation, Form state & Input state, Custom validations
  • AngularJS API – Comparing objects, Iterating objects, Converting data
  • Applying CSS styles - Inilne, Embedded and External Styles, Classes
  • Bootstrap – Bootstrap Overview, Features, Using bootstrap, Grid, Navigation, Layout
  • AngularJS – Routing, ngRoute, $routeProvider, Controller & Template

Student Testimonials

  • M Naaz
    I thank DeCode classes for encouraging me in every aspect. It was a good experience to be the part of DeCode Classes. The trainer was having good knowledge and experience. The trainer helped me to achieve my goal and also helped me to get placed in good organization. The training which I got from DeCode classes was excellent and completely practical oriented. The Pro Developer course gave me what I was looking and enhanced my skills. I really like to thank DeCode classes and my trainer for making my career.
    M Naaz
  • Sameer S
    I am glad to say that I’ve completed my course from DeCode classes. They are the best among all of the development institutions. When I joined DeCode, they first analyzed the knowledge I had and then they designed my training structure. The awesome thing about their training structure is that they teach us through the live projects, which helped me gain the knowledge in depth. We had be in DeCode premises for the entire day and do lot of practices. Today I can say with proud that because of DeCode I got placed in one of the top MNC and I am settled in my life. Keep up the good work DeCode.
    Sameer S
  • Suhas B
    I am a working professional and was looking for an institute where I can master my IT skills and learn new technologies. One of my friends suggested me about DeCode classes and I came to DeCode with a goal to gain and enlarge my knowledge. I opted for Pro-Developer course and this course helped me to get insight into core knowledge of development. I am very much thankful to DeCode trainers, because I’ve learnt the things which I haven’t learnt till date. It has boosted me a lot. They also helped me develop my communication skills, which made me ready to face the interviewer and crack aptitude exams. Thank you DeCode Classes for making my career.
    Suhas B
  • Nilima S
    I opted for the Web Designing course with DeCode classes. My faculty taught me the concepts of designing in simple yet effective way. They focused on how I can upsurge my imaginations, which helped in designing creative things. The course gave me the confidence and I got selected in a reputed company with good package. I am very much thankful to my faculty for everything. I would say that DeCode is the best place in Pune to learn Web Designing course.
    Nilima S
  • Saloni S
    I enrolled at DeCode Classes with the hope of excelling in the field of IT and I can say that it was my correct decision to be part of it, as we are blessed with good faculties who are very much experienced and are masters in every aspects. The training program was well versed and every session we attended was full of knowledge. DeCode assisted me in terms of market standards and how to crack interview. I thank DeCode team for the entire cooperation and guidance to build up my career.
    Saloni S
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